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When you’re ready to create your own red carpet event, we’re the connection to make it all come together. Whether you have a movie premiere, album release, charity event, product launch, wedding, trade show or any other high profile event, we can create the event that will get everyone talking Red Carpet Connections was created to make it easier for us to offer our services to the Los Angeles area. Collectively, we have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and we love to set up grad occasions behind the scenes. Our clients come from all over the globe and are looking to make a scene – the tasteful kind!

We can organize and set the stage for charity balls, after parties, fundraisers, product launches, trade shows, business conferences, movie premieres, fashion shows, sporting events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and much more. There’s no event too big or too small that we can’t handle. We’re in the show business and that means that we can put on a show like no other.

We’re proud to offer premium customer service and a significant amount of experience. We have worked with individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. We understand the need to come in on budget and have worked with ones of every size. We’re on time always – and that’s something we guarantee.

Our services are bar none and ensure that the red carpet is rolled out along with providing a full range of equipment leases. We provide our services in two locations: Las Vegas and Southern California. This ensures that everyone is able to get what they need.

Additionally, we strive to provide the highest level of convenience for our clients, which is why we offer pickup, installation, and drop off services upon request.

We have been asked for help by fashion designers who need runways, graphics, and lighting. Celebs have contacted us for professional events such as red carpet along with press areas and crowd control add-ons. Even soon-to-be married couples have contacted Red Carpet Connections for a package that allows them to prep for their classy new life.

Our goal is to help clients with whatever they need. Our clients can choose to rent a few props or take advantage of complete packages. We customize virtually everything to ensure that it meets the needs of each event and budget.

Are you ready to set the stage for your event? Contact us today and let us help with the smallest of details to make it an event to remember.

When it comes down to picking an event rental and productions company, you can gain some distinct advantages when using red carpet connections such as:
-Our prices are usually 15% lower than our competition.
-Highest quality materials in our rental equipment and step and repeat banners. We use specialty Ultraboard frame to prevent any wrinkles or waves giving you a professional look, like the images were printed on canvas or on a billboard.
– Highly maintained equipment: every equipment rental is maintained to the highest possible standards and is cleaned and inspected before every use. This means that you will be getting access to pristine quality rental equipment for every red carpet rental and more.
– Award-winning customer service: each employee receives customer service training to ensure effectiveness in the field.
– On-time guarantee: we meet our deadlines.
– Meet your every request: we can pick up rental supplies, provide installation and drop off supplies at any time of day. We tailor each event rental to our clients needs.
– Two convenient locations to deal with: we work it out of Las Vegas as well as a Southern California location for quick service and express red carpet rentals when needed.
We look forward to meeting new clients and we will continue to offer new rental services to offer even more selection on red carpet rentals for our customers.

We offer rent by theme services which include every aspect you need for your party. Whether you are interested in a Hollywood theme, Asian theme, Indian or Moroccan theme we have the party supplies and rental equipment to take your event to the next level and at a competitive price.
A trade shows we can give you a distinct advantage by offering great promotional tools to showcase your business or idea. We can help you out fit a trade show booth to blow your competition out of the water and to draw in new prospective clients and business connections that can further your company and help you expand. By working with our promotional tools you can work to save your company money and qualify for great package deals when renting our red carpet backgrounds, runner carpets and red carpet rental for trade show booths. This is also a very comfortable environment for staff to work and showcase products over the extent of a trade show or exhibition.

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